R Greene

Originally posted on Facebook, June 2017


"Virtuoso inspected our historic farmhouse floor and immediately knew the species of wood and how to proceed with our project. We had to have several sections of non-standard boards replaced in our floor. They were able to quickly source the reclaimed material that would match, and skillfully wove it into the existing floor. They did a tremendous job."






E Rogalla

Originally posted on Google Maps, January 2017


"They installed about 2,000 square feet of new white oak flooring in the home we just bought, incorporating it with areas of existing oak flooring that they refinished. Their work thrilled us!


These guys are superb craftsman. Gabe and his brother do all of the work. They have a lot of experience, and if you hire them you're not going to get rookies learning on your house. Even our cabinet guy commented on the exceptional quality of the flooring.


They were inexpensive, and the upgrades they offered, such as wood and brass electrical boxes inset into the floors, were great additions and very reasonable (never a hard sell). I'd strongly suggest both upgrades :)


They worked the new flooring into the old flooring perfectly. To fit the brass electrical boxes in the floors, they routed the circles into the flooring and the widest space between the brass and wood flooring is 1 mm - it was perfect. They had all the best tools, and did a fantastic job.


They also were willing to put down a Swedish acid cure finish (Synteko) that I had put down in my Chicago hose, which is superior to a polyurethane in hardness (try finding an hardness rating for a polyurethane -- there are none).


You won't find nicer guys. Just a pleasure to work with, and they did everything they could to please us. No one could provide better service or be more responsive than they were.


They were a great find. I'm relatively new to Indy, and of all the contractors I have used for different things, they are the only one that stood out (as you can tell by my reviews, I don't do many reviews)."






Mark A Havens

Originally posted on facebook, August 2015


"Excellent work ! At a very fair price. Appreciate you guys"






Originally posted October 2011


"Gabe and his brother are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They charged a fair price, just slightly more than the other estimates we had, but their work is of the highest quality. Everything was meticulous and as promised. They clearly care about their work and take pride in the level of service and quality they provide. Our neighbors recommended them to us and had the same experience. I would use them again for sure.


We had 2 rooms refinished and they installed hardwoods in a room that had carpet. They also installed new stained wood registers."






Originally posted July 2005


"There was some delay in responding to my initial phone call. The appointment to provide an estimate was prompt. It was obvious during the estimate that Gabe and his partners are very knowledgeable about hardwood floors. I received a written estimate promply following our appointment. Because they are busy, there was about a month and a half wait to get the work scheduled, but the job was completed well within the predicted timeframe. I am very pleased with the results. The floor that had been well used since 1962 looks brand new.


Refinished maple with walnut peg hardwood floor in family room. Coated with polyurethane."