Will I have to move out during the finishing process?


This will largely depend on what kind of finish you choose. With waterborne products you can stay in the home in most cases, but with sovent finishes it is highly recommended you make other arrangements.


How long do we have to stay off the floor after the final coat?


This will again depend on the finish, most waterborne products are fully cured within one week, whereas some solvent products can take up to a month to cure. Floors are typically ready to be walked on with socks the day after the final coat.


What do I clean my floors with?


Bona Swedish formula hardwood floor cleaner is a safe bet and can be found in big box stores such as Lowes, but the main thing is to use a cleaner approved for hardwood floors. If an unapproved cleaner is used, this could potentially prevent a maintenance coat from bonding.


When can we move the furniture back?


Furniture with legs can be moved back in after 2 days with waterborne, and a week later with solvent. Rugs or furniture that covers an area should be held off until the floor is fully cured because the finish needs exposure to open air to cure properly. Stick on felt pads are highly recommended.


What kind of finish do you use?


We mostly use waterborne, conversion varnish and oil modified polyurethane. Click here for more info.


Do you install prefinished flooring?


Yes, sometimes prefinished flooring is more appropriate when operating under certain restrictions.


Do you install click laminate flooring?


These products are better suited for DIY projects because they don't require specialized tools to install, it actually takes longer for us to install click flooring than to quickly nail it down.


Will you install wood that we provide?


We certainly can though it will cost more for the labor than normal because we don't know how good the quality of the milling will be.


Will this turn my home into a war zone?


It's definitely not comfortable living in a construction site for a couple of weeks. We will need a small area to store our tools and it will be a little messy, though we strive to tidy up a bit when we're done for the day.


Do you hang plastic?


We usually don't, our sanding equipment has integrated dust collection and we do all our cutting outside during installations, though some dust does make it inside from our clothes. However, airborne dust is kept to a minimum, rendering plastic unneccesary in most cases. We will be happy to hang plastic at the homeowner's request.


How long will this take?


This depends on the scope of the job. If we're sanding, finishing is usually a 3 day process right off the bat, and generally speaking it could take as much as a week per 1500 square feet past that.


Do you move furniture?


Yes, though for antiques or very heavy pieces we may be unable to for liability purposes. This is handled on a case by case basis.


Do you require a down payment?


We only require a down payment to cover the cost of wood for installations.


Do you accept credit cards?




Do you do free estimates?




How long will it take to get the quote?


Unless it's a complicated quote with multiple options you should receive an emailed quote within 2 to 3 days.


Do you do other work besides the services listed on this website?


Not really. Our investment in equipment and expertise is focused on wood flooring, any time we spend doing something else is time not spent maximizing our investment.


Do you sub out work or will you be the ones actually doing the job?


We do not sub out work. We will be the guys on the job from beginning to end.


Do you work weekends?


Not typically, if we need to apply a finish coat or nail up some trim we might be inclined to work a couple hours on a Saturday, but we don't put in full work days on weekends.